President’s Message

 El Dorado Social Club
2205 Arbor Street
Houston, Texas 77004

It is with a great sense of pride and honor that I extend greetings on behalf of the members of the El Dorado Social Club.

I proudly salute our founders for their tireless dedication and commitment, which has made our organization what it is today.

Through the years, we have continued to make a difference in the lives of many, especially the lives of the young people in our communities. Eighty seven years of service as an organization, has given us great strength, endurance and wisdom. Let’s continue to strive for the ultimate in service to all mankind, in the spirit of the El Dorado Social Club.

Historically, the El Dorado Social Club has been instrumental in sponsoring activities and programs that provide service to all mankind. It is imperative that we continue to work together to ensure that the El Dorado Social Club remains at the forefront in strengthening the communities of Houston, Texas.

Many thanks to all of you that continue to support our activities, including the annual Winter Ball and the annual Luau.



Robert R. Gatlin, President

El Dorado Social Club